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4, Apartman Rizling

aottonel1 2 x 2 person, second-floor apartment with two bedrooms, each with double bed.  Moderate-size kitchenette and dining area but comfortable for 4 people.  Hydro-massage shower.

buttonPrice: from 2500Ft/Day/Person

1, Apartman Chardonnay

char_1Ground-floor, 4-person apartment with two rooms, each with double beds.  Bathroom with hydro-massage shower.  Fully equipped kitchenette.  Appropriate for families, as well as individuals.                                             Price: from 2.700 Ft/Day/Person  button

7, Apartman Rózsakő

aottonel1 2 x 2 fős apartman, 1 szobával dupla ágyakkal, egy szoba konyhával, pótágyazható. Az emeleten található. A 8-as Otelló apartmannal együtt is használható. A fürdő tusolókabinnal szerelt. Részletek

Ár: 3.000 Ft/nap/fö-től  button


2, Apartman Kéknyelű


Ground-floor, 4 (+2)-person apartment, with two bedrooms, each with a double bed.  Pull-out bed in living room.  Dining area, hydro-massage shower, fully equipped kitchenette.

Price:from 2.700 Ft/Day/Personbutton

5, Apartman Szürkebarát


Ground-floor, 4+2-person apartment, with two bedrooms, each with double bed.  Spacious living room with 2-person bed, fully equipped kitchenette. Hydro-massage shower.

Price: from 2.700 Ft/Day/Person  button

8, Apartman Otello

akek_1 2 + 2 férőhelyes apartman a földszinten, 2 szobával dupla ággyal, esetleg pótágyazható. A fürdő tusolókabinnal ellátott, külön helyiségben Wc. Nagy konyhás ami teljesen felszerelt, gáztűzhellyel. Részletek

Ár: 3.300 Ft/nap/fö-től   button

6, Apartman Tramini


4-person apartment with two rooms, each with double bed.  Fully equipped kitchen, dining area and hydro-massage, tub shower.

Price: from 2.500 Ft/Day/Person   button

3, Apartman Ottonel

arizling 2-room, 4-person apartment on the second floor.  Double bed in each room, small but fully equipped eat-in kitchenette.  Hydro-massage, tub-shower.

Price: from 2.500 Ft/Day/Person   button


                   Dear Guest!


                  Welcome to our Balatonrendes Apartments!



The Holiday House is located  "Simon I. Street" in Balatonrendes, only 300 meters from lake Balaton and 900 meters (a 10-minute walk) from the beach.  The area is peaceful and quiet, perfect for relaxation and as a base for excursions.  Each apartment is named after a regional grape variety.  They are fresh, clean and fully equipped.  Windows are fitted with screens and, in order to ensure a pleasant room temperature, shutters or shades.  Air-conditioner units are also available for an extra fee.  The back yard is equipped with a sandpit for children, 3 fire pits, one of them for kettle cooking, picnic tables and chairs.  Our outdoor pool can also be used in cooler weather, since it can be heated.  Bicycles are also available for rent.  An additional, small play-room is also available for rent, equipped with table-football, poker table, darts, board games and more.  Our Holiday House is designed with families with children in mind.  For young adults, there are many entertainment opportunities in the neighbouring towns of Révfülöp and Ábrahámhegy, as well as the larger Keszthely, Tihany and Balatonfüred, which are also easily accessible.  The apartments may be rented for flexible time periods in addition to those blocs listed on our website; please, contact us to arrange such reservations.  In May and June, we offer lodging for groups of 15 or larger, for as little as a single night.  Starting in July, in order to assure a relaxing environment for families, we limit ourselves to hosting families and, occasionally, small groups.

Why do i choose Balatonrendes?

A legismertebb és a legnagyobb múltra visszatekint? rendezvénysorozat. A rendezvénysorozat programjának az összeállításánál komoly hangsúlyt fektetnek a szervez?k, hogy minél szélesebb rétegeknek nyújtsanak maradandó élményt. Els?dleges szempont, hogy színvonalas és a településsel szemben támasztott tradicionális elvárásoknak megfelel? m?sorokkal „töltsék” meg ezt a hét napot. A rendezvénysorozat f? helyszíne a strand, de emellett más helyszíneken is lesznek m?sorok.

 Why should I choose Balatonrendes?

Balatonrendes is an small, evocative village in Badacsony wine-country, on the shore of Lake Balaton.  Visitors may enjoy the pleasant local beach at Pálköve, which used to be part of Balatonrendes but now is part of Kövágóörs.  In today’s hectic, noisy world, Balatonrendes remains an island of peace on the North shore of the Balaton and the hill behind the village offers a beautiful panorama over the Balaton.   In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for broader excursions into this marvellous environment.

The Káli basin and the Sálföld nature-preserve and farmstead (5 km.) are close at hand.  On the model-farm, trained tour-guides present Hungary’s indigenous animals and tours and rides are available.  There is an especially beautiful natural rarity in Tapolca, just 15 kms away.   Here there is a cavern containing a lake and a nearby mill-pond full of fish. In Nemesvita (24 km), there is a Western Theme-Park, a place for active recreation for all-ages.  Those who like to fish can enjoy the favourable local conditions of Lake Balaton.  There are a large number of opportunities throughout the area for visitors to taste the local wines.

The village of Balatonrendes dates back to Roman times.  Just outside of the village, remains of Roman houses were found.  The first known written mention of the name of the village, "Rendes", dates from 1328.  Since 1783, there has been no major changes to the road-layout-system of the village.  Balatonrendes is the smallest village directly on the shore of the Balaton.  Folklore has been revived in the village.  Every year, the last weekend of June is the time, there is the Festival of the parish's Patron-Saint (Péter-Pál) and village-Fete days.  Each October, there is a spectacular vendage (grape harvest) parade.   The main historic building of the village is the church with a two-story, richly decorated, stone bell-tower.

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